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Mission: To change lives through sport and education

Our Vision: Confident youth who are able to maximise their potential, acting as role models within the community.

Our Values: We believe sport can change people’s lives, preparing them for the future where they feel respected and part of the wider Community


For Coach My Sport to become the number one provider of coaching for children aged 3 – 11 across the Forth Valley developing proficient life skilled athletes with our Multi SkillZ programme. Our programme is a progressive, structured, adaptable fun filled programme with a range of activities developing basic movements.


Skill development being the base to improve skills, function, orientation, speed, fitness, spatial awareness, balance, agility and co-ordination. 

This is to be used as a vehicle to support the CMS Leadership Academy Programme which is Changing Lives through Sport.

To be the training, leadership Academy of choice for young people (16-24), not in employment, education or training, with a disability (sensory, visual, mental) and those disengaged at school, who are looking to gain employment, helping to develop the confidence and acquiring the transferable skills, tools to progress to positive destinations, which in turn will reduce youth unemployment and creating role models in their communities.

CMS On the Road is a diversionary tactics initiative based at Stirling, Scotland. Our goal is to reduce the number of instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour by promoting health and wellbeing and encouraging inclusivity through sport, physical activity and creative endeavour.

We will take sport to the Community, work with community groups, external partners, extend the project to education and health issues, basic nutritional needs and being active. With the Fit and Fed programme running alongside the On The Road project especially during holidays we will work with social services to reach out to the most vulnerable providing a healthy meal and activity.

The Coach My Sport multi skills program will be run in a non competitive climate, although there will be games they will challenge the children where they can  flourish and develop to max capacity. 

  • develops skills for each sport by unique fun drills

  • is an invaluable addition to any sport specific program

  • creates the fun play environment children love

  • delivers energetic sessions for kids of all levels

What our program will deliver

  • Developing motor skills for life and any sport

  • Ensure a stable physical foundation

  • Enhancing Self Confidence

  • Developing Social skills

  • Meet and make new friends

  • Fun and enjoyable environment 

  • Structured & progressive programmes 

  • Friendly, healthy, active kids

Active children

Coach My Sport delivers a motor development program 'For Sports Fun & Success' for children aged 3 - 11.

We believe each child deserves high quality coaching & training in every situation. 

Coach My Sport has the power to make children fond of moving, putting them on track to benefit from the many wondrous advantages of movement and the psychomotor development.

“Psychomotor” development refers to changes in a child's cognitive, emotional, motor, and social capacities from the beginning of life throughout fetal and neonatal periods, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

The underlying idea of Coach My Sport is to enhance the motor competence, increase motor learning and stimulate a wide range of motor abilities at the fullest.

Cognitive development means how children think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions, which help children to think about and understand the world around them. Brain development is part of cognitive development.

The program will help with health benefits (including obesity and lack of activity), increase hours of weekly activity, develop a love of sports through participation (bite size) and social skills. Provide a great environment for children to meet and make new friends and increase their confidence.


Re-connecting with each other

Experiences of lock down will have varied significantly for children and young people. Many families may not have had access to a garden or a safe space to enable children and young people to continue exercising. There may have been limited access to devices and online facilities to connect with friends or even to do schoolwork. Parents and carers may have been unable to offer the support they normally would due to other competing priorities during this time. Rather than home being a safe and secure environment, for some children it may have been chaotic and stressful. Some families entered lock down with already complex needs and the pressure of living in this new way will have made those needs even more challenging.

We need to acknowledge that individual experience may influence the readiness for children to get back into sport. Some may be excited and motivated to pick up where they left off but for others, the return to sport might be a more difficult transition and it may take longer for them to adjust. For some children or young people with a disability, too, they may return to sport later due to the need to self-isolate for longer or when they do return, they may need to take extra precautions.

Coaches will have a key role in providing a welcoming and safe space for all children and young people when they return to sport. They will be influential in supporting and promoting children’s well being during this time and taking the individual needs of each child into consideration.

Coaches will have the additional role of supervising a new set of rules regarding social distancing measures so will need to ensure this is done in a positive manner. An emphasis on fun and enjoyment from the outset will be critical here. The sport should be a place where children and young people can come and really connect with others and feel able to relax and enjoy themselves, rather than be put under pressure about personal bests, making the team or future competitions.

The first session where children and young people come together could be used to let them talk about their experiences of lock down and what their worries might be in coming back into sport.