About Us

The Coach My Sport multi skills program will be run in a non competitive climate, although there will be games they will challenge the children where they can  flourish and develop to max capacity. 

  • develops skills for each sport by unique fun drills

  • is an invaluable addition to any sport specific program

  • creates the fun play environment children love

  • delivers energetic sessions for kids of all levels

What our program will deliver

  • Developing motor skills for life and any sport

  • Ensure a stable physical foundation

  • Enhancing Self Confidence

  • Developing Social skills

  • Meet and make new friends

  • Fun and enjoyable environment 

  • Structured & progressive programmes 

  • Friendly, healthy, active kids

Active children

Coach My Sport delivers a motor development program 'For Sports Fun & Success' for children aged 3 - 12.

We believe each child deserves high quality coaching & training in every situation. 

Coach My Sport has the power to make children fond of moving, putting them on track to benefit from the many wondrous advantages of movement and the psychomotor development.

“Psychomotor” development refers to changes in a child's cognitive, emotional, motor, and social capacities from the beginning of life throughout fetal and neonatal periods, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

The underlying idea of Coach My Sport is to enhance the motor competence, increase motor learning and stimulate a wide range of motor abilities at the fullest.

Cognitive development means how children think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions, which help children to think about and understand the world around them. Brain development is part of cognitive development.

The program will help with health benefits (including obesity and lack of activity), increase hours of weekly activity, develop a love of sports through participation (bite size) and social skills. Provide a great environment for children to meet and make new friends and increase their confidence.

Sports we coach through the program with motor skills development as the key.

These will be delivered in bite size introductions to a different sport every week and we will try to cover as many

of the sports in a block.









Ultimate Frisbee








Run, jump and throw

Elements we coach​

St -Striking 

Ki - Kicking 

Ct- Catching and throwing 

Pr - Passing and receiving 

Ro - Rolling

RJT _ Run, Jump & Throw

Multi SkillZ

Coach My Sport is extremely proud to work closely with our partners Multi SkillZ which was developed in Belgium by tennis and strength and conditioning coach Kenneth Bastiaens.

Whilst at a Tennis Scotland workshop organised by Judy Murray, Tony was very impressed with the brilliant delivery and programme which Kenneth was demonstrating and advocating. He was looking for a new challenge after delivering cricket across the Forth Valley and Kenneth's Programme provided the ideal resource to step out on his own and Coach My Sport was formed.

Multi Skillz is a new and unique method to help children, regardless of their current ability to develop motor skills, speed, balance, and co-ordination, abilities that will stay with them through life but which are important to develop when you’re young


Coach My Sport is pleased that Dunblane is the first location in Scotland to run the Multi SkillZ programme.


The programme of fun, playful drills using cones, balloons, balls, and hoops for those aged 3-11 lets children work in teams, regardless of abilities. Tony explains that the programme can be used by children who may have co-ordination difficulties, along with children who have more developed skills so parents need not worry that any child stands out or feels awkward.

Tony and his coaches make sure that everyone is catered for and are part of the class.

We cannot expect children today to know how to catch, throw, jump, or have spatial awareness and the the skill of catching, kicking or throwing a ball is being lost with the advent of 'screen time' and the programme encourages children to be active and move.


The motto at Multi Skillz is moving is winning, life is not all about winning medals or cups and activity doesn’t have to be about competition.

Your child will experience the four pillars of movement development.

1. Fitness
2. Function
3. Speed 
4. SkillZ

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