Multi SkillZ Foot


Coach2Competence  are very proud that the unique Multi SkillZ method has been trusted to help grow the skill foundation of Belgian Football players. The project was started together with Voetbal Vlaanderen and helped to create this unique Multi SkillZ for Foot project. Coach My Sport is very excited to be offering this great prgramme to young players.


What is it?

Football requires 'team tactics', 'game basics' and individual skills. The individual agility of players makes the difference. Multi SkillZ for Foot is the psychomotor skills of the team's players, the basic building blocks of their soccer skills.


Multi SkillZ for foot is your unique trainer tool that we coach through the multitude of progressive exercise material.


Experts have added text and symbols to the video clips so that we as Coach My Sport coaches can use the games and exercises with targeted focus. We as coaches will learn how to teach players viewing behavior, action thinking and through game-oriented skills. This not purely technical drilling but we will stimulate perception and "decision making".


In short, an inexhaustible source of inspiration which we will pass onto the players using the innovate training of the Belgian Football method!