Multi SkillZ Hockey


What is it?

Multi SkillZ Hockey is the unique method which has been used for the youth development of Belgian Hockey. Hockey is more than technology. Great players see the game, make the right decisions and act precisely under pressure. No skills, no glory!


Multi SkillZ for Hockey guarantees more than a broad motor base. Multi SkillZ for Hockey puts the latest science into practice so that players watch better, decide faster and act more skillfully.

Why do we use Multi SkillZ for sport specific?

With physical literacy in decline Multi SkillZ provides the high-quality curriculum that coaches need through meaningful sessions. Skill is at the heart of all the sports programmes.

They are delivered in an active, fun and engaging way through appropriate challenges.

The difference to other programmes is that the quality of content and substance to it. Every exercise has a purpose to it. It uniquely ladders up skills from the start of the game to the pinnacle.

There are more skills at the heart of their participants development and these early age motor skills gives them durable development and they keep on evolving.