CMS 'Sport & Ride'

We will be starting a new initiative in 2022 to provide transport to young people from deprived communities who are not able to access sporting facilities and attend club training. 

Providing opportunities for young people to attend 'taster' sessions is brilliant but if there is no follow up to ensure the young people get to clubs it seems a wasted exercise. 

Not only will we be taking sport to deprived communities through the On The Road program and with help of local clubs, but we will also be providing a solution to young people to get to clubs to play sports. At the moment young people in deprived communities do not always have access to local facilities and cannot get to facilities, whether financial or logistical impediments.

An example of the concept is that we will have a collection point around the eastern villages of Stirling, Monday to Friday providing a service for clubs, parents and young people.

We will be working with clubs based at the The Peak area; basketball, football, curling, netball, hockey and cricket. Young people would be collected and taken to their respective clubs and picked up later.

This model could apply to McLaren Leisure Centre were young people and children could be collected from rural villages for there sports clubs.