Dunblane Sport Hub

Friday                                             Thursday                                        Thursday

Sport: VX Dunblane                        Sport: Dunblane Floorball               Sport: Dunblane Cricket Academy

Venue: Dunblane Centre                 Venue: Dunblane High School        Venue: Dunblane High School

Time: 4.45 - 5.45                             Time: 6 - 9 pm                                 Time:6-8 pm

Cost: £ 33. for the block                   Cost: £21. for the block                  Cost: £ 21. for the block                   

Equipment supplied                         Equipment supplied                        Equipment supplied                      

Boys & girls                                      Boys & girls                                    Boys and girls (Limited to 11 players)

Age group                                        Age group                                      Age group 7+                        

Primary                                                     Primary 6-7 pm                                Primary 6-7 pm

                                                        Secondary 7-8   pm                         Secondary 7-8 pm

                                                         Adults 8-9 pm



First session always free. 

If you sign up for 2 sports there will be a 10% discount

if you sign up for all 3 sports there will be a 15% discount 

The club is open to any young person who is keen to try a new sport. 

Dunblane Sport Hub is a sports club which will provide an opportunity for the youth to get access to coaching, facilities and be able to play alternative sports in a fun and safe environment.

They will also get access to competitive games with other clubs if they want.

We will not be focusing on traditional sports but minority sports which are not part of the mainstream like floorball, handball, baseball, VX and dodgeball.

All equipment will be provided by the club.

The Club in time will also be a natural progression for players who have completed the Coach My Sport program and are interested in moving into a competitive environment for minority sports.

The seasons of the sports we will focus on are;

  • Handball (September - May)

  • Baseball (April - August)

  • Floorball (October - May)

  • VX (Starts September)

  • Dodgeball (September - June) 

  • Cricket (March - September)

Where possible we will play competitive games against other teams in Scotland.

The Club will also work with CMS Academy to provide coaching, training and CPD opportunities to young people who come on the CMS Academy program.

The Club has started to affiliate with the relevant Governing Bodies and there will be an annual membership to join the club once the club is fully constituted. The club would follow guidelines from the Governing bodies with regard to all coaching.

All coaches will be qualified and PVG checked before they allowed to coach sessions.

In June (21st - 24th) 2018 we would like to take handball and floorball teams from Dunblane to the United World Games in Klagenfurt, Austria.



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