Multi SkillZ Tennis


What is it?


Multi SkillZ Tennis is the innovative tennis development pathway, created by Coach 2 Competence (Multi SkillZ) and the LTA (Tennis for Britain). The specific technical-tactical practice combined with a broad psychomotor Multi SkillZ training for tennis.


Tennis is an 'open-skilled' sport and requires great adaptability at all levels. In Multi SkillZ Tennis U8 you form the versatile foundation needed to get to play quickly, a great challenge for young children. Multi SkillZ Tennis U8 is an answer to the motor decline that coaches experience in young children: the sport-specific training is combined with a qualitative psychomotor training aimed at tennis.


Throughout the program you will learn the anchor points for a sustainable education in tennis. All skills that are practiced in Blue & Red are also core skills that are necessary to play better on the large terrain at a later stage. This increases every child's chances of reaching his or her potential as a tennis player. The technical learning points in this program apply to every level that follows from Orange and are continued in the elaborated learning line of Multi SkillZ Tennis 8+.


The Multi SkillZ Tennis programs are progressively tailored to the child with the intention of building strong, skill-skilled players. Each learning situation is designed to motivate the children in their own progress.