Tony is an experienced UKCC Level 3 Cricket coach having worked for Cricket Scotland for 3 and a half years delivering cricket to 40 Primary Schools in the Falkirk and Stirling area's.

Tony was also the Lead Coach of the Forth Valley Area squads based at Dollar Academy


He will be running the cricket sessions for those who have already started playing cricket and those who are keen to participate in cricket both girls and boys with any ability. The sessions will include Kwik cricket and incrediball but not hard ball cricket, they will be fun and enjoyable covering all the basics.

For Kwik Cricket we will be introducing the Bronze, Silver and Gold skill Awards for the younger age groups.

For the older age groups we will be using the HOWZAT program together with the Skills Awards from Cricket Scotland.

HOWZAT! has been designed specifically to offer coaches a multitude of ways of being able to develop not only the players they work with, but also themselves and their knowledge, skills and understanding relating to coaching our great game of cricket. The programme offers ideas for developing the Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical facets in players across the first three stages of player development. These sections are supported by interesting ways to develop practices, information on developing talent, further interesting games and practices as well as interactive support materials such as the ‘Fielding Positions’ section and ‘Jargon Busting’. 

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General philosophy – Increased understanding of the game in

general and increased individual technical and tactical self-awareness


  • Increase the understanding of game situations

  • Increase individual skills, techniques and tactical awareness

  • Players to have a sound understanding of batting, bowling & fielding

  • Maximise mental toughness


During the sessions we will be working on the following:


 Show correct grip, stance, back swing and step
 Understand body position in relation to the ball when playing back and forward
 Understand what “gapping” is
 Gain a sound understanding on when to play forward and when to play back and be able to execute
shots accordingly
 Ensure that athletes understand the role of the top and bottom hand and can show a practical
example of this
 Understand the concept of batting through an innings
 Use video analysis to point out strengths and areas on improvement
 Have a sound knowledge of running between the wickets and decision-making


 Reinforce the basic action, grip etc
 Understand the use and proper use of a run up and follow through
 Be able to deliver a repeatable action
 Bowl consistent lines and length
 Understand the game and know which ball to deliver at a particular point during the game
 Develop an understanding of setting a field to their individual bowling


 Understand the basic techniques and skills involved in close catching and high catching
 Understand where all fielding positions are and their role in the team
 Understand the term “in the ring” and the role of the fielders inside it
 Gain a knowledge of field placing for a particular batter
 Increase skill levels in 1 or 2-handed pick-ups, throwing, attacking the ball, saving a single

 Backing up


 Understand the importance of fitness in cricket
 Gain a knowledge of the kind of fitness they should be undertaking
 Understand the importance of strength and conditioning
 Gain a knowledge of the drills they should be performing