Q Are you covered buy insurance?

A Yes through Youth Scotland

Q Are you coaches PVG checked?

A Yes through Governing Bodies and any future coaches will be PVG checked through Youth Scotland

Q Why Coach My Sport?

A Not only will we be legally obliged to contribute to the community but we belief our association with MultiSkillz enables CMS to deliver a unique program.

  • develops skills for each sport by unique fun drills

  • is an invaluable addition to any sport specific program

  • creates the fun play environment children love

  • delivers energetic sessions for kids of all levels

Q What is MultiSkillz?

A With the Multi SkillZ program C2C wants to empower coaches and teachers in their aim for a high quality motor development for the next generation. Multi SkillZ is a unique method to stimulate and enhance motor development and motor learning. The system ensures a well-rounded high-quality practice through a levelled built-up. Multi SkillZ helps you to get more out of your practice time based on: 1. intense i5-approved drills progressively organized in stages: Red, Orange & Green 2. growing all development factors of motor competence based on the childs’ ability 3. systematic planning of the sub-factors for a balanced development

Q What are i5-approved drills?

A The i5-approved drills are well-suited to helping children develop psycho-motor competence, social skills and self-confidence and self-esteem. There are separate drills for Fitness, Skills, Function and Speed. Each drill challenges the participants motor ability, problem solving behaviour and cognitive skills. The interactive nature of the fun play exercises participants learn social skills and core values such as trust, creativity and cooperation. A Multi SkillZ drill meets 5 standards.

The i5-approved drills:

 Invite participants to play or to move

 are Intensive in different ways  are Intriguing as it takes the attention of each participant constantly

 promote Implicit learning as the participants move intentionally

 are Interactive, participants are challenged to work together

Q What should our children wear to classes?

A They will get a free Coach My Sport T shirt once they have signed up otherwise if they could  come in sports gear, trainers and some water.


Q Do they need equipment?

A All equipment is supplied to start with, once they join a specific sport club you might want to look at buying them their own equipment.

Q Can parent stay to watch?

A Yes and we would encourage parents to stay with their children at the pre school level 

Q Is it open to children with disabilities?

A The classes are all inclusive but we would appreciate chatting to parents to discuss any specific needs so we can plan sessions accordingly 

Q Do we need to pay for entire block, what if our child does not like the classes

The first session is always free so there is no obligation initially to pay upfront