With the masses of information out there I have teamed up with Motor Skill Learning who Coach My Sport has worked with for the last 18 months to deliver our amazing and varied lessons for children aged 3 – 7 year-old. During our lessons we have always adapted them to suit the children we are working with.

With the latest information coming out that there might be a lockdown for an extended period and with social distancing I cannot see us starting the Coach My Sport sessions before September at The Dunblane Centre, schools or nurseries.

With this in mind we are offering you the opportunity to purchase our significant range of activities which are broken down into a number of age groups. The cost has been significantly reduced as again we know folk are potentially struggling with the lockdown and it’s an annual cost.





There are videos of every activity and also notes and full explanation of the expected outcomes, how to make them more complex or to reduce the complexity.

There is also a lot of other resources available on how to coach and what to coach.

As a small business this will help us to keep our heads above water until we are able to get back to running our classes plus giving you access to a large data base of activities.

If you would like to purchase the Motor Skill Learning Programme just follow the link below:​

From the age of 3 to 7, children can have developed a high level of competence in all their fundamental motor skills with the goal to successfully play and learn any sport with confidence.

It is the best window in life to learn and improve motor skills and our focus.

Expose children to the maximum amount of movement experiences during this time span. Children form libraries of movement experiences they can draw from later on.

Vary drills to challenge children who are very eager to learn at this age and they love challenges. For example dual tasking; doing two things at the same time which is tough at this age but a great way to build sports skills and coordination.

Start to develop some game sense. Also, let kids take games their own way and you are more of a facilitator. Do it when it is fun for them and not necessarily for you.

Versatile movement experiences also promote psychological development like self-learn, problem-solving, confidence, resilience.. important skills not only in sports but also in life. 

Expose children to some sport-specific skills and try to facilitate active play and coordination development for at least an hour a day but preferably more.

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