Becoming an MSL Certified coach

Learn to use the MSL system to grow or start your own PE programs

Officially certified by an internationally recognised brand, used in five continents by small and large organisations



What makes the Motor skill learning Certification so different?


The MSL Framework is revolutionary because it is based on a 3 year research study by Swiss Olympic and combines the best of Acecoach (CA), SkillsforKids (AU), SSRI (IR) and GFU. Constant innovations are focused on practical application, releasing new games each week.

It teaches you how to build EXCITING sports programs for optimal long term potential rather than specialising at a very young age.


The MSL Certification Program is no run of the mill sports program that has been put together randomly like so many franchises that haven't updated their content for years.

It is a proven, holistic program that builds the optimal foundation for sports participation with a track record since 1974.


There are 16700 certified coaches using this methodology and we are present on five continents and thirty-six countries.


Hundreds of organisations use the MSL Coach Certification to prepare teachers, coaches and volunteers to run their sports classes. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to complete the course and follow the curriculums step by step. We built them for teachers, coaches and volunteers with little or no experience to learn and IMPLEMENT WITH EASE.


In terms of employability in Scotland we would encourage people both old and young who are interested in developing their own sports coaching business to come on the Certification. Once they have completed the Certification they can then think of starting their own business in their community. The initial cost which includes the Certification and will also give them a year’s free use of the Motor Skill Learning programme which can be renewed on an annual basis at a fraction of the cost.

They will then become role models and the champions of the Community working with local Community Groups, Centres, Nursery and Primary Schools.


The MSL Coach Certification Course Level I cover the fundamentals of motor development for optimal learning. The lesson plans are fully customisable to fit the needs of teaches, coaches and volunteers.


We know how hard it is to come up with a teaching system for ages 3-7 that both teach skills and is fun & interesting for children. We have helped hundreds of coaches and teachers to get their unique PE programs up and running.


And when you have access to the extensive video library, full of engaging activities and games, the planning stress is gone, children are engaged and bring their friends along for more.


The MSL Coach Certification Course and curriculums are put together by Dominique Chiquet, creator of the Motor Skill Learning framework. Dominique has taught sports programs to kindergarten for decades and as such is versatile in the constant action young children need for the practice to be exciting.


As an Expert Coach Educator for Swiss Kindersport (17 000 coaches trained), former professional squash player and owner of his own sports academy, he has consulted with hundreds of companies on all 5 continents to develop their staff and revamp their sports programs. Dominique isn’t a professor in a remote research lab (but collaborates closely with Prof. Dr. C. Herrmann, creator of the MOBAK assessment tests for motor competency).


The MSL framework was created to help him put together the PE programs for his own company and the process resulted in him increasing participation year after year to over 500 students. Since then, he’s gone on to consult with dozens of national brands and hundreds of small schools. Hundreds of clients have dramatically increased their revenue and participation after learning the MSL framework, and feel confident about the P.E. programs they offer.


Coach My Sport (CiC) is the licensed holder for Motor Skill Learning in Scotland and Tony Phillips is an experienced and qualified sports coach having coached for the ten years at Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, clubs and has run Cricket Performance Squads through Cricket Forth Valley and Cricket Scotland. Tony and his team will also work with the newly qualified coaches to develop their new Centres, act as mentor, providing advice and guidance. Once a year Coach My Sport will hold a local Conference bringing all qualified coaches up to speed with new developments and doing Continued Professional Development (CPD) with them. This would be done on a Regional basis e.g. Central would cover Falkirk, Clackmannan and Stirling.



As part of the MSL Coach Certification Course and the curriculum that come with it you will:


1. Learn a proven age-appropriate PE teaching framework that has been used in hundreds of organisations around the globe. You will completely understand why VERSATILITY is the most powerful concept for optimal learning in kindergarten.


2. See how we and many of the world’s top brands use the MSL curriculum also YOU can follow, step by step, to run fun & engaging PE lessons.


You can even create your own custom-made PE programs using the MSL library instead of running the same old lessons year in and year out.  Learn how to apply these lesson plans to your PE classes, field days and even holiday camps. The MSL framework & curriculum will help you create compelling sports programs that stand out.


Young children age 3-7 are drawn to games, variety and excitement and away from drilling. If children are not inspired by your activities, they’ll look past you for something more exciting, and your job as a teacher, coach or volunteer will become a lot more difficult.


Once you implement this proven MSL PE framework, you will feel very competent about the programs you offer. PE programs that offer new & creative games attract more students and will continue to grow.






Module 1

Motor Development Explained

  • Why is it important to develop motor skills in children?

  • The (Un)Importance of Talent

  • Importance of the early years

Module 2

From Motor Skills to Coordination to Sport-Specific Skills

  • Balance of Motor Skills, Physical Activity, and Hand-Eye Coordination

  • The 5 Motor Skills explained

  • Reaction, Balance, Rhythm, Orientation, Differentiation

Module 3

Teaching System for 3-7-Year-Olds

  • Stages of Sports Skill Development

  • Versatility for Optimal Learning

  • Game-based approach

  • Increase participation through stories

  • bigger and better brains.

Module 4

The psyche of the young child

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Laughter and Emotions

  • To Develop and not Being Afraid

  • The Key Ingredient for a Coach

Module 5

Learning to Play

  • Children are not learning unless they are taught?

  • Free Play versus Deliberate Play

  • Advantages of a Game-Based Approach

  • Creating Games

  • Enriched Environments & Incidental Moments

Module 6

Course Wrap Up

  • Teaching Aids

  • Mobak Assessment Test


The total cost for the Motor Skill Learning (MSL) Certification is £299 per coach and would include the Certification and plus the first annual fee for the MSL coaching programme.

After the first year of trading the cost to renew the MSL coaching programme will be £199. for the year.

The cost will include the on going support from Coach My Sport (CiC) for a year as a mentor.


What makes the Motor Skill Learning Programme unique, in its delivery once qualified.

Those who qualify and get their Certification will then have access to the coaching programme for a year and can renew every year becoming role models and community champions.

From the age of 3 to 7, children can have developed a high level of competence in all their fundamental motor skills with the goal to successfully play and learn any sport with confidence.

It is the best window in life to learn and improve motor skills and our focus.

Expose children to the maximum amount of movement experiences during this time span. Children form libraries of movement experiences they can draw from later on.

Vary drills to challenge children who are very eager to learn at this age and they love challenges. For example dual tasking; doing two things at the same time which is tough at this age but a great way to build sports skills and coordination.

Start to develop some game sense. Also, let kids take games their own way and you are more of a facilitator. Do it when it is fun for them and not necessarily for you.

Versatile movement experiences also promote psychological development like self-learn, problem-solving, confidence, resilience, social, important skills not only in sports but also in life. 

Expose children to some sport-specific skills and try to facilitate active play and coordination development for at least an hour a day but preferably more.

Custom-made PE programs for teachers, coaches and volunteers with our tested step by step curriculums or create your own programs, accessing hundreds of new & creative games and save tons of time including four complete curriculums for ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 & 6-7

The curriculum can be adapted for older children or those with more ability, with imagination using the extensive lesson library, weekly new video lessons to keep it fresh and exciting plus having access to teaching aid programs and resources.


In response to the Covid- 19 Crisis we have developed our new program, 'Games & Drills without Teaching Aids' you can now go to your sessions without the need to bring a whole bunch of teaching aids and run versatile & fun PE classes.

(Some games require the use of simple household items such as newspapers, rubber bands. Teaching aids used in a few games can easily be replaced by household items).


The program 'Games & Drills without Teaching Aids' currently has 200+ games & activities.

We add new videos each month and there will be dozens more games & challenges without the need for teaching aids shortly.

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