Multi Skills and Drills

What is it?

Unfortunately, in today’s society children are moving less and their psychomotor development is deteriorating. Physically active children often enter a sport-specific program at a very young age, which in themselves is insufficient to ensure sound and sustainable development.

Children need broad and varied psycho-motor development.

The problem is that most of the information available focuses on models for sport-specific development.


Movement is at the very centre of children’s lives. It’s an important facet of all aspects of their development.

Especially in sports, it is common knowledge that the motor competence is the foundation for the specific skill-development. A single-sports program is considered to be meaningful, however inadequate to meet peoples’ needs in this regard. This makes it challenging for clubs and coaches setting up programs that contains all required ingredients.


Multi Skills Skills and Drills contributes to a well-rounded motor development and the well-being of children and youth. The fun play exercises and exciting learning environment lead to more learning than a traditional training approach. Multi Skills Skills and Drills  allows participants to make cognitive, social and motor gains as they are invited to move by the Multi Skills Skills and Drills .


Especially under 12 a well-rounded and comprehensive motor formation is important. Motor development through the exercises presented in Multi Skills Skills and Drills , that stimulate and enhance motor learning, however, should not be limited to childhood.


More often training shifts (too) early into a largely or merely physical (read: endurance & strength) development. This is especially the case in high performance. I believe the Multi Skills Skills and Drills  approach should be continued far longer in the development then till the age of 12.  

We aim to deliver fun, active, engaging sessions and the challenges will be appropriate for the ability and age of the groups. 


Multi Skills is a motor development method 'For Sports Fun & Success'