10 - 10.45 CLASS FULL

11 - 11.45 CLASS FULL 

12 - 12.45 CLASS FULL

13 - 13.45 CLASS FULL

14 - 14.45 CLASS FULL

15 - 15.45 NOW OPEN

The Parkour classes will be run by Access Parkour from Edinburgh with Coach My Sport staff helping out where required.

If your child has been booked on for the Full Week, Full Day, half day afternoon or morning they will automatically get a 45 minute session.


If you wanted to book just for Parkour you are more than welcome to book online for one of the 45 minute sessions.

Access Parkour will introduce the children to parkour safely and help them learn things they need to give parkour a go themselves.

They are designed to teach children the fundamentals of parkour and movement skills. These classes have a strong focus on developing the basic building blocks of movement and are a mix of technical skill development and open creativity and play.

The outdoor classes run in ALL weather. If it's cold, wrap up warm. If it's wet, bring waterproofs and a change of clothes.

If the classes prove popular in the Summer Holiday we will be introducing them as part of the Coach My Sport programme.