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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”

— Nelson Mandela

Our aim is to remove financial barriers to sport and provide sport equipment that people need, whilst simultaneously reducing the number of items being sent to landfill. Part of Stirling Council’s Climate and Nature Emergency Plan is to create a circular economy that considers how we use the products we buy and consume, and REPLAY SCOTLAND is just one example of what this can look like as we continue to try to reduce landfill waste. We are sure it will help citizens to reduce waste and live more sustainably, while bringing together communities to make important changes.


The Team at Coach My Sport (CiC) realised that many children were not attending activities because their parents simply could not afford the equipment for them to join in. Many people have unwanted, or no longer used sports clothing and equipment simply sitting in their wardrobes at home gathering dust. It was out of this realisation that the REPLAY SPORT SCOTLAND PROJECT

was formed.

​​​​REPLAY SPORT take donations of old sportswear, sports equipment, refurbish the equipment and sell it at a fraction of the original cost to those who need it. With the money raised from sales, REPLAY SPORT will fund and support community groups providing sporting activities for local people.

REPLAY SPORT exists to give young people volunteer and sports participation opportunities. In doing so they gain confidence, self-esteem, retail skills and improve mental and physical health.

We do this by managing a volunteer program to help with the recycling of the equipment and kit.

The SCIO will offer these activities eventually through a shop, which will be run and managed by employees and volunteers similar to the traditional charity shop but will exclusively stock the sports equipment and clothing. The SCIO will use the funds to the funds to advance the purposes. The charity will use the funds to invest in sports participation projects as outlined below:

  • Provide free transport to and from venues.

  • Provide sportswear to ensure that activities are available to all, which may include boots, trainers, jogging bottoms and tops, and more.

  • Use proceeds generated from its retail unit to fund coaching, access to facilities such as and fund the transport required to get talented but disadvantaged athletes to training.

  • Provide tents and equipment for unprivileged children to have a holiday.

  • Provide specialised wheelchairs to enable disabled people to participate in wheelchair sports working with FVDS.

  • REPLAY SPORT acquires redundant sportswear and equipment, which is sold at the fraction of the cost.

  • The charity recycles sports clothes and equipment, collecting from schools, sporting facilities and sports companies whether the product is second hand or new. encouraging sports companies to recycle old stock by donating it to the cause therefore significantly reducing the pressure on landfill.

REPLAY SPORT will offer a referral scheme, where schools, social workers and sports coaches can request clothing and equipment for an individual who would otherwise be unable to take part in sport – please contact us directly for further details, but please note it is subject to availability.

Donations are accepted, checked, cleaned, refurbished and sold at a fraction of the cost.


REPLAY SPORT will work in partnership with health visitors, social workers & family support workers to provide sportswear & sports equipment to families in need. We will operate a referral system with these professionals, to ensure that help reaches those who need it most & to enable families to accept this support anonymously & without stigma. Our profits are used to subsidise these referral packs, meaning a child need never go without and will also be able to attend sporting activities as they will now have the correct sportswear and equipment.


REPLAY SPORT will offer a selection of your donations for sale for a number of reasons but first & foremost these sales safeguard the future of our services by paying the rent, insurance, staff remuneration & utilities on our community bases. We strive to ensure that the items offered, represent excellent value for money, saving our customers money which they can use on other essential items.

Charitable Purposes

 The charitable purposes are: -

1 to relieve poverty amongst financially disadvantaged families through the

targeted provision of donated sports clothing and equipment;

2 the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial

hardship or other disadvantage through assisting in the provision of sports

clothing and equipment with the object of improving the conditions of life

and allowing access to sporting activity.


3 the advancement of the environmental protection and improvement for

public benefit by, promoting sustainable use of sports clothing and

equipment through repair, reuse, reclamation, recycling, use of recycled

products and use of surplus and leftover materials and by reducing the

carbon emissions linked to production and consumption by encouraging

reuse and reduction of consumption.