1. Brilliant. Love the variety of activities. Feels like a great introduction to a wide variety of
sports RG1 would otherwise have had no contact with. I imagine this will help him find his
way into a sport he really loves as he gets older, rather than just sampling one or two sports
through seperate classes. Think the imaginative aspect of the activities is perfect for the
red/orange groups, seems perfectly tailored for the age and their interests. Tony & Cameron
are brilliant with the kids, fun and engaging and really warm and patient. As a preschooler a
lot of things RG1 has attended have been run by women so its great to have male coaches for this age group.

2. Great! It’s an opportunity to be social, physical, and be a part of a team/community.

3. They are great. Love that they focus on skills and minority sports.

4. Great gives a different opportunity for activity for girls away from dancing and gymnastics

5. I think they are great, providing a solid basis of motor skills in a fun way, and not having to
choose a specific sport or bias.

6. I think they are great providing a multitude of skills which will aid my child in any sport he
chooses to specialise in later on without jumping from one class to another trying to find
something that interests him. He loves fun and games so this is perfect. I am so glad someone
thought of this and is implementing it.

7. They offer good opportunities for my son to learn new skills, participate and team build.


8. Good opportunities to progress skills, increase confidence and team build.

I can tell it is making a difference as both my children are much more confident at going for stuff. It has certainly built up my daughter's confidence in physical activity. She is much more outgoing, adventurous and less likely to say she has tired legs, and can't run, and she is much more steady on her feet. This last year she has become a new person. 


For my son, he has built up a great ability for sprinting, and he has honed his eye ball co-ordination, he did go to football but hadn't quite got the getting the ball and passing which caused him to get picked on! I stopped the football, and decided that with his swimming and Coach my Sport sessions he would get a really good basis to pick up any sport he chose in the future.

And it is in a fun, no pressure environment where everyone is there to work together and have fun. I see it in his friendships with the other boys that are there. And in his confidence and ability. He got picked for the school relay, for his sprinting which when he showed me I was amazed at how fast he could run. When did that happen? I reckon over the last 6 months, since Coach my Sport. 


So for me, Coach my Sport has been a lifesaver, and the thing that clicked into place about what was missing. The University did try something along a similar line, called fundamental moves which our son and I thought was a great idea but it never picked up. And I was very disappointed as the fun and games work really well for my boy.


So thank goodness for Tony and Coach my Sport. 

10 Tony, you know how much our son loves his CMS classes with you and Cameron. I hope you know how thankful we are to have found you!

His confidence continues to flourish because of CMS. I just want to thank you for the last two days sports afternoons. He has loved the variety and the new sports you have introduced him to.

I genuinely don't know how he would have the opportunity to learn about and try so many new sports without CMS. He has loved the archery and dodge ball and cannot wait for classes to start again after the sumner. Huge thank you for for all you do.

What do you think makes your child want to return to the classes each week?

1. Its fun! He;s made friends with the two different groups he is in and he loves Tony &

2. The coach, the kids, and opportunity to be active and play.

3. New skills, competition, chance of getting player of the day trophy.

4. Opportunity to learn and achieve new skills. Its fun.

5. The social, fun aspect.

6. Fun with his friends

7. Tony his coach. He has built a good rapport with my son and has responded well to his needs